Riff XR

Embrace the future of social VR experiences and unleash your imagination in the limitless universe of RIFF XR.

RIFF XR is a revolutionary free to play VR platform that empowers you to play, meet, and build your own content. Immerse yourself in a vibrant virtual community where creativity knows no bounds, and every user is both a creator and a curator.

With RIFF XR, you have the power to design, explore, and publish your unique VR masterpieces, sharing your vision with the world while connecting with like-minded enthusiasts.

Avatars Dancing

Meet and interact with people all around the world

One of the most important factors in having fun in a game is not only playing with friends but meeting new friends from nearby or around the world.

Whether its playing games at the Costra Nostra arcade or dancing in Zero G at the Club Metaverse nightclub, Riff XR is the ultimate place to hangout with friends online.

Avatars Fighting

Play with friends or go solo and lead your team in PVP and PVE content

Battle legions of corrupted security bots deep underneath the Metaverse, or shoot it out inside a cyberpunk train station and the infamous Anson family mansion , or seize the throne in a gladiator arena deathmatch where its every avatar for themself.

Prepare for battle and accomplish objectives, solve puzzles, and strategize with your team in order to earn rewards.

Avatars Creating

Unleash boundless creativity and converse with NPC’s in AI assisted experiences

Riff XR leverages the latest in cutting edge AI technology for social interaction and UGC assisted design.

Leveraging the power of GPT-4, our AI NPCs exhibit advanced language understanding and generation capabilities.

Our cutting-edge Stable Diffusion powered Generative Art System unleashes boundless creativity and limitless exploration, setting the stage for unparalleled interaction and customization.

Unreal Engine SDK

Create and showcase your own content using Riff XR’s SDK

Riff XR’s SDK is fully compatible with Unreal Engine. No more need for an editor that is not as powerful and makes everything look the same.

All of Riff XR’s gameplay tools and components are included in the SDK enabling any player to build and contribute new experiences for the Riff community to enjoy. Easily integrate and upload your content to the “Museum of Mod and Ai”.

Riff Avatars

Play Riff XR today and embrace a world of boundless creativity, immersive adventures, and unforgettable shared moments.

Current version: V1.0.102812

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