RIFF XR, is a virtual reality social platform. Providing a fully interactive, multi-user environment, RIFF XR allows users to create, explore, and live out their imaginations in limitless digital landscapes. Whether you’re participating in heart-racing PVP and PVE adventures, mingling with global users in vibrant social hubs, or creating your unique virtual reality content, RIFF XR is your gateway to an expansive digital universe. Its groundbreaking blend of VR and AI technologies pushes the boundaries of interactive entertainment. RIFF XR is not just a game, it’s your personal canvas to a limitless virtual universe.

Riff XR Beta is currently playable on PCVR via the Riff XR Launcher and Steam VR. It will be available on Meta Quest in the near future.

The SDK is available as a subfolder in the game's directory called "SDK". Follow the instructions in the README file to get started.

Riff XR is free to play

You can create an account in game by entering your email address in the login in the main menu and confirming your account with the code sent to your email address. Eventually, you will also be able to create and manage your account directly from our web site.

You can change your Avatar either in the main menu where you click Avatars and then click equip on the avatar you would like to use or in game you can click the wrist menu button (left controller menu button) and click on the Avatars button, where you can click equip on any avatar that is in your inventory.

You must collect (coins) in the game by completing missions and then using the (coins) to purchase blueprints for avatars and other items, then you must collect the components necessary to complete the blueprint for your avatar, weapon, or item.

You should be able to chat with individuals automatically that are in proximity. Please make sure your microphone is on and selected in your PC settings.

Click the wrist menu (menu button on left controller) and click settings.

When you are in front of the person you want to duel, raise your hand and aim at the person you want to duel with palm up and hit the grip button several times and it will give the other person a duel offer that they can either accept or reject.

Riff original content contains exhilarating adventures for all. You can immerse yourself in a world of epic PvP and PvE battles, grand clashes, and intense multi-role dungeons.

We are planning on doing monthly updates.

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